Letter to Friends

Dear Friends,

The Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP), one of Pittsburgh’s premiere community collaborative organizations is celebrating a musical "fun-raiser."   B-PEP is commemorating 30 years of serving the Metropolitan Pittsburgh community.   We are proud to officially announce that the date for our Thirteenth Annual B-PEP JAZZ Concert is Monday, April 2nd  at “Bridges” in Holiday Inn – University Center, Oakland, from 5:30 pm-11:30 pm.   The event showcases many of Pittsburgh’s best jazz musicians and vocalists.

Get the B-PEP Jazz - 2018 flier

Get the Save the Date flier for B-PEP Jazz on April 2, 2018 with a list of performers; print it out, post it for others to see, and hand it out to your friends.

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